Tatiana Maslany (Emmy Magazine, April 2014)
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sebastian stan playing tennis aka the best photoset i will ever make

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      Because I’m pretty sure that every minute of every day, you’ve been stuck in a lab right beside me. At the academy, at Sci-Ops, this plane - you’ve been beside me the whole damn time.

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things i want from a relationship:

  • musical theatre duets
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bucky barnes 

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make me choose: caroline forbes or buffy summer's puns

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After all we’ve been through… Everything that I’ve done… It can’t be for nothing.

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"Just follow your joy. Always. I think that if you do that, life will take you on the course that it’s meant to take you." -Jonathan Groff
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so i’m gonna set me free

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This was one of Steve’s biggest sources of guilt, the fact that out of his whole crew of Howling Commandos were these guys that he convinced to come into battle with him. It’s the one guy that didn’t make it back, and that was the one guy that was always there for him.
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harry potter meme ϟ  ten characters  (6/10) -  remus lupin

"give five signs that identify the werewolf. excellent question." "d’you think you managed to get all the signs?" said james in tones of mock concern. "think i did," said lupin seriously, as they joined the crowd thronging around the front doors eager to get out into the sunlit grounds. "one: he’s sitting on my chair. two: he’s wearing my clothes. three: his name’s remus lupin.”

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Unprompted we all just sent these selfies to each other. We are idiots. #koi

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