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Buchanannn asked for Nico Di Angelo in #13

13’s been used (see Tharja!) so I chose palette 8 instead! Hope that’s ok, they’re similar palettes in terms of mood. Also 8’s a lucky number while 13’s an unlucky number haha i’m so clever

Anyway here’s Ghost whisperer Di Angelo in #8

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BMW 6.17
GMW 1.06

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Brainwashed assasins, unwilling experiments. A bith of both.

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Jordan Parrish? D e p u t y  P a r r i s h.

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black widow #1 & hawkeye #1

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Grant Gustin in the September Issue of Nylon Magazine.

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this just in the prologue from newsies still makes me cry without fail

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tv show meme: [4/5] male characters | andy dwyer
"I am Mother Nature’s brother, Brother Nature. But you can call me Andy. Or Brother Nature. Your call."

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Samantha Barks - V Magazine

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Another Enjoldump !

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requested by anon

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there’s a monster
over my shoulder

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