but at least he got to the ocean, right?


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Laura inspired me to do evil.

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and i will get lonely
and gasp for air
and look up at the high windows
and see your face up there

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The door creaks open behind him, and Jean gives a casual look over his shoulder, refusing to buy into Rico’s desire for a reaction. But nothing could have prepared him for the sight that walked into the lawyer’s office like he belonged there - in the land of the living.

"Holy shit," Jean swore, getting out of his chair so fast it crashes to the floor, hands scrabbling all over Rico’s desk like he’s reaching for a weapon or a grip on his sanity. The Salvage stops dead in his tracks, the faint smile fading from the face it has left.

And the face he’s wearing is one that belonged to someone who had died almost ten years ago.

"… Jean?" it asks, cautiously.

weeHHH okay so lostlegendaerie's Render is really awesome holy shit?!???!!!?? idk I’ve had it in mind to draw this scene for a while now, sorry it’s a bit sketchy and all also sorry bc i can’t draw robotic stuff to save my life fff

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#remember when shit like this was scott mccall’s greatest problem

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and just twist the knife, one more time

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Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf 3x18 “Riddled”

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Who the hell thought it was okay to make this

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Listen to “You are my sunshine” for maximum pain

Why couldn’t they grow old and drink together ;_;

I’m gonna go sob in a corner now

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it fucking says “i’m sorry”

fuck this


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for wetwhitekitten, who asked for thalia/luke - i hope you like it, happy holidays!!!!

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Where is Judith? I don´t know.

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